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Current Out Reach

 Key Operational Statistics as on 30th June 2018.
 Gross Loan Portfolio (Rs. Cr.) 279.69
BC Portfolio (From IDBI Bank)(Rs.Cr.) 21.33
No. of States 5
No. of districts 29
No. of Branches 108
No. of Active members 2,50,877
Loan Amount Disbursed during this period of 2018-19 126.91
Average O/S Loan (INR) 15,593
Regular Repayment Rate 99.64%
Number of Employees 640

Rating & Grading

•   Jagaran has been assigned Grade S3 (Good) as Social Rating by M2I in 2016 (a renowned Social Rating agency).
•   It has received Grading “AA” in Code of Conduct Assessment (CoCA) conducted by ACCESS-ASSIST in 2016.
•   CARE Ratings assigned a grading ‘MFI 2’ in July 2017 .
•   CARE Ratings assigned a Rating‘BBB-/Stable’ to Jagaran on April 2018.
•   Jagaran received Skoch Order-of-Merit award in September 2016.

Our Philosophy

Service Excellence: Provide unfailing service at the right place and at the right time.

Product Offering: Listen to the market and offer practical solutions.

Support and Guidance: Understand problems and assist members whenever required.

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