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Operational Outreach

• Jagaran started its operations by opening its first branch at Baranagar, Kolkata in November
2010 with an employee base of 5 members.

• Offered micro credits to active women borrowers for income generating purpose and operated in JLG model.

•    Became wholly owned subsidiary of GTFS Multi Services Limited in April, 2011.
•    50,000 Borrowers achieved till end of 2011.

•   Accomplished its first portfolio securitization transaction withRatnakar Bank Limited amounting  to

•   Achieved 1,00,000 landmark disbursement by end of 2012.
•   Appointed as an aggregator by PFRDA for distributing NPS-Lite(Swavalamban).

•   Reclassified as “NBFC-MFI” by Reserve Bank of India on 27.09.2013 with certificate of Registration.
•   Extends operation in the state of Bihar with opening of Kishanganj branch in August, 2013. 
•   Madhupur, the first branch in Jharkhand became operational in October, 2013.

• Received Capacity Building Support as a grant of Rs.40 lacs from SIDBI, mainly for Bihar under

PSIG Schemes , supported by DFID,UK.

• Social Performance Management (SPM) audit conducted by M2i Consulting for the first time and

achieved Grade of “S3” [Good SPM] as Social Rating in July, 2014.

• Code of Conduct Assessment (COCA) conducted by ACCESS- ASSIT for the first time and achieved Grading of “A’’ in March 2014.

• Achieved ‘mfR4’ MFI grade assigned by CRISIL Ratings. 

•    Loans product “Jaga Griha “introduced for house repairing / renovation. 
•    Spreads operation in the state of Odisha 
•    Achieved MFI 2 (3rd from top) grading by CARE Ratings in April 2015, up from ‘mfR4’.
•   Achieved BB+ or (Stable) BLR rating rated by CRISIL Ratings in August 2015, up from BB/Stable.
•    Jagaran is engaged with Vodafone to provide the M-Pesa service to our customers.


•   Achieved AA grading on COCA
•   Overall 85 branches Skoch Order-of-Merit award, September 2016
•   Loan Disbursed 210 Cr.In FY 2016
•   Staff strength 400+
•   Achieved Rs.150 Cr portfolio.

2017 :

•   Achieved AA grading on COCA, Skoch Order-of-Merit award,MFI 2& BBB- Grading from CARE
•   Overall 88 branches
•   Loan Disbursed 256.42 Cr.(from april 2017 to march 2018)
•   Staff strength 450+
•   Achieved Gross Loan portfolio of Rs.148.04 Cr.

2018 :

•   Achieved AA grading on COCA, Skoch Order-of-Merit award,MFI 2& BBB- Grading from CARE
•   Overall 108 branches
•   Loan Disbursed 427.45 Cr.(from april 2017 to march 2018)
•   Staff strength 580+
•   Achieved Gross Loan portfolio of Rs.261.01 Cr.

Current Out Reach

 Key Operational Statistics as on 30th Nov 2018.
 Gross Loan Portfolio (Rs. Cr.) 318.06
BC Portfolio (From IDBI Bank)(Rs.Cr.) 16.29
No. of States 5
No. of districts 27
No. of Branches 108
No. of Active members 2,78,358
Loan Amount Disbursed during this period of 2018-19 351.07
Average O/S Loan (INR) 16,013
Regular Repayment Rate 99.69%
Number of Employees 645+

Ratings and Grading


Rating / Grading Month

Rating / Grading / COCA

Rating / Grading / Score


May, 2018




May, 2018




August, 2018




August, 2018



Our Philosophy

Service Excellence: Provide unfailing service at the right place and at the right time.

Product Offering: Listen to the market and offer practical solutions.

Support and Guidance: Understand problems and assist members whenever required.

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