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Case Studies
Sangita Dey

Age: 36 yrs
Village: Aswini Pally
Occupation: Soft Toy Making.

Sangita was  married in a poor family. Her husband Prasanta Dey worked as newspaper vendor in the morning and a contract labourer during the day. The family was in extreme hardship and which increased further when their daughter was infected with a stone in her gall bladder. Sangita and Prasanta were forced to sell the meagre jewellery they had and also to take loans from relatives to save their daughter. She miraculously survived and recovered. The strained financial condition made Sangita think deeply and she decided to try her hand in making soft toys to earn some money. With some basic knowledge supporting her enterprise, she got in touch with JAGARAN and took her first loan of Rs.8200/-. Very soon, she started generating surplus and became eligible for the next cycle loan of Rs.10400/-. Understanding her effort and sensing her keen interest to progress, JAGARAN nominated her as a master trainer on soft toy making. She received training support, fees and conveyance costs to train other women members at other centres and groups in JAGARAN. Soon, Sangita started earning Rs.6000/- per month from her enterprise. Within a span of 1 year, Sangita’s family had moved from the brink of disaster to a strong and steady path of progress.


Age: 30 yrs
Village: Kaliadanga
Occupation: Embroidery

Sunderbans is the world’s largest mangrove forest. It is a place where hardship is a daily companion. With salt water all around, cultivation is not a rewarding occupation. Fishing and collecting honey are other options, but the risks are too high in the rivers and creeks in the delta. So menfolk of the village move towards larger towns to look for work. Sabina Sardar was different. Instead of uncertainty, she wanted a regular source of income. She wanted to try her hand at embroidery because she had a knack for it. So when JAGARAN opened its Branch near her village bordering the Sunderbans, she did not wait to think. Her zeal and conviction got her the first loan and she quickly got the logistics in place. Following her, soon many other women in the village and the surrounding area started their own village enterprises. Today, Sabina earns a regular income and is able to keep her family well fed and happy. As an icon of progress, she has been instrumental in changing the mind-sets of many women who never thought that poverty could be beaten.


Age: 34 yrs
Village: Banerjee Para
Occupation: Cotton Wick Making.

A refugee during the partition of Bengal in1971, Purnima had it tough all the time. Her husband Shakti De managed to earn very little by selling used jute and plastic bags. Nothing was moving for Purnima till she came to know about oil- lamps and realized there was money to be made by selling wicks. But to make wicks, a big supply of cotton was necessary. So Purnima approached JAGARAN and got her first loan. She tied up with a trader in Kolkata city and started making hand- rolled wicks to be used in oil lamps. Soon she had involved other women in the trade and approximately 10 households had started earning a steady income through this trade. Today each family earns at least Rs.2000 per month through this simple but effective profession and the demand for the product just seems to increase. Not only did one small loan help one familybut also proved that if used in the right way, a bit of fund and a lot of motivation can change hundreds of lives.

Current Out Reach

 Key Operational Statistics as of 28th Feb 2019.
 Gross Loan Portfolio (Rs. Cr.)    373.06
 BC Portfolio (From IDBI Bank)(Rs.Cr.)      19.11
 No. of States             5
 No. of districts           27
 No. of Branches         115
 No. of Active members 2,94,103
 Loan Amount Disbursed (Rs. Cr) during this period of 2018-19    512.44
 Average O/S Loan (INR)    17,485
 Regular Repayment Rate   99.79%
 Number of Employees         670

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